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Website Design - Just Be SafeWhiplash Design & Print recently took over website maintenance and development for the SAFE (Safety Awareness Firearms Education) website of Andrew Wooten.

We have been doing business with Andrew for some time and when his former web maintenance person informed him he would no longer be available to work on the site, Andrew turned to Whiplash DPS.

Luckily for us, the site was in pretty good shape and only needed a little cleaning up.

Some of the tasks we implemented was to remove superfluous items from the site directory (SEO) and organize the files for easier management.   We have made some minor aesthetic changes and have been updating the site as needed.

After some initial time had passed, I asked Andrew what differences he could notice from the previous web maintenance services and the first thing he mentioned was how he liked our detailed invoicing which shows what was done and how long it took.  His previous web person just sent a total bill without details.

Detailed invoices and emails are just a few of the many things that separate Whiplash Design & Print Services from other companies.  Our services and policies are set in ways that we would want if we were making the purchase ourselves – no surprises.

To learn more about Andrew and SAFE or to see the site, visit


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