Web Site Design: YottaXpress.com

website-design-yotta Whiplash Design & Print has been working with online data backup company Yotta280.com to help develop a website for their data backup for small business, called YottaXpress.

The team at YottaXpress already had a site structure in place and they know how they want things to look, but they needed some help creating graphics and fine tuning the web site.

UPDATE: As of  11/10/10, YottaXpress has taken  over full maintenance and design of their website. As such, the live site no longer reflects the work done nor does it represent any design or site management by Whiplash DPS, Inc.

The people at YottaXpress are a good bunch and we have had fun working with them.

There is a saying about data that goes something like; any data you don’t have backed up, must be data you don’t need.

If you find yourself needing your data backed up and are looking for an easy off-site solution, visit yottaxpress.com.

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