Should I Build a Separate Website for Mobile/Smart phones?

Smart PhonesShould I build a separate site for mobile/smart phones, or can I use my existing site?

The answer to this question depends on a website’s content, it’s audience and it’s goals.  For many static (or “brochure”) sites, a single Dynamic Responsive and/or “fluid” website may be the answer.

A Dynamic Responsive and/or “Fluid” website is a single website which utilizes CSS to target the display to the specific size(s) of the most common devices/sized being used.  This approach allows a single website to function and display appropriately when viewed at most sizes, and on most devices. However, due to the myriad of devices and operating systems, exact matching of the display across all devices cannot be guaranteed, though the same can generally be said of most websites across all devices.

Ultimately, a mobile website should be optimized for the particular needs of smart phones and/or tablets pertaining to ease of use, navigation and file (data) sizes.  Some websites with large media files would need those files optimized for mobile viewing.  In some cases, this can be handled with CSS but in other cases, a separate “mobile friendly” site would be a better choice.

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